BAT Group was established in early 2009, when our economy was facing many difficulties and challenges. With the succeed and the strong will, BAT Group determined to invest in real estate, M&E, fire protection to key work in the first phase.

After more than a decade of construction and growth, BAT Group has strived to become a multi-sector enterprise, with a rapid development speed.Since its establishment, the number of employees has increased from 10 to more than 300 full-time employees and nearly 400 seasonal employees in domestic and foreign projects. It is increasingly affirming its stature in the market with a series of big projects and projects in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, China, and many partners and equipment suppliers from Japan and Taiwan, France, Germany, Italy

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Number Of Employees

The number of employees working at BAT Group as of the first quarter of 2023


office staff




part time


The core value of BAT Group is expressed in 3 “TAM”. The word “TAM” in Vietnamese means:

  1. Devoted to customers: Always be responsible for coming with products, services, works made by BAT Group. Demonstrated through the dedication, meticulous, thorough in investment research, seriousness and discipline in implementation.
  2. Devoted to work: We’re always dedicated in areas of business. Therefore, in the process of exploitation and development, we always attach importance to long-term and sustainable issues.
  3. Solidarity makes strength: Experienced 11 years doing fierce business, especially at the beginning. BAT Group has experienced many difficulties, but thanks to the solidarity, we have overcome all and become a strong and developing corporation.


During the development process, BAT Group constantly expanded its field of activities. Development orientation under a sustainable multi-sector corporation.

KEY DEVELOPMENT 2019 – 2022In the period of 2019 – 2022, BAT Group takes the mining industry as a key industry to promote trade investment, attracting domestic and foreign investors.We pay special attention to investing in technology to modern processing, improving capacity and production value, gradually exploiting the maximum value of minerals.With the goal of becoming one of the leading companies in Vietnam in stone exploitation and processing. We always listen and understand to bring the best value to our customers.

GETTING OUT OF THE REAL ESTATE MARKETOfficially investing in real estate since 2011, BAT Group has been continuously affirming the financial potential – resources as well as the enthusiasm of the staff in efforts to build and develop the real estate industry.BAT Group aims to effectively meet the needs of consumers, contributing to the resonance of added values for customers, partners and society in the field of real estate.The real estate product lines that BAT Group focuses on developing include:

  • Industrial real estate: Construction and long-term lease
  • Investment and business development of new urban areas
  • Office complex for rent • Investing and developing business centers

FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM CONSTRUCTIONBAT Group focused on developing the field of fire construction fire protection from the beginning. With hundreds of large and small constructions carried out over a decade. BAT Group always consolidates and develops its implementation capacity to reach the leading aspirations in the field.Currently BAT Group is one of the leading prestigious brands in the field of fire protection consultancy, design and construction in Vietnam. There are many typical big projects such as: VOV5 building, Sunrise Bac Giang factory, Z115 factory, Flat glass factory, Regis shoes factory…

LEADING THE ELECTRICITY CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRYM&E system are an important item in the construction industry, because it accounts for 45-65% of the construction volume. In buildings, the electrical system acts as a “blood vessel”, supporting all other systems to operate.Understand the importance of M&E systems, BAT Group always takes the heart to serve customers and get the quality to create a brand, devoting all their enthusiasm in the works.We carefully select and continually be trained to develop the capacity of staff, engineers and workers to meet large projects, requiring high accuracy

WITH ASPIRATIONS AND LEADING GOALSSince our establishment, we have received and constructed civil, industrial, technical infrastructure, and factories across the country. Many key works of large projects.With advantages in vision, financial potential, human resources. BAT Group has planned a business strategy in the field of construction with the main items of design, build, construction of infrastructure, constructions and workshops.Our goal is to become a construction company in the top of Vietnam by 2025.

IMPORT AND EXPORT – Vietnam – EU trade promotionThe EU is currently one of Vietnam’s two most important partners in trade and investment and is also one of the main markets for Vietnam’s agricultural products. At the same time, more and more EU products are being imported into Vietnam market.Taking advantage of the opportunities that EVFTA brings, BAT Group promotes trade promotion activities, assists businesses to find out information, connects partners, boosts exports to the EU market.Implementing programs to build and promote brands, improve competitiveness for Vietnamese businesses and products in the European market.